Becoming a fitness model is really difficult – Stories from someone on the inside


What Does Coffman Think About Fashion?

There is often a misconception when it comes to fashion. Some people forget that everyone has a different opinion than they do. This can lead to problems because a lot of people live in their own little world and fail to recognize they are not the only ones with different needs and wants from their …


Saving Time by Saving Time! Sounds Easy, Right?

I often get asked if I have any ideas or advice for people who want to make their hair nicer. Well, to put it blunt – I really don’t. I am a guy. And I don’t really think about what I am going to wear, how my hair will look. And half the time I …


Here is my favorite futon cover & why

There are an endless number of choices when it comes to futon covers. I have a few that I like to rotate between – some depending on my mood, some depending on the occasion. I like to change things up a lot; it keeps things from getting stale and boring. There are futon covers that …


Using the Buddy System to Get Back Into Shape

If you are overweight, you probably have overweight friends. Likeminded people tend to stick together. And if you like to binge on Twinkies while watching Walking Dead, chances are you have a friend that likes to do the exact same. But, what if you used the buddy system to pick up your fitness level? Imagine …