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Recreational Drug Toxicity It started about 20 years ago when my college-age son came into my study Dfferent asked "MDMA is like alcohol, isn't it? I promised my son that I would get an answer to his question. I have been working on the problem recreational drug toxicity ever since. What has motivated me? Fear, frustration, and hope. For a more detailed story, scrounge around the references below.


This was followed by two "lines" 3x4x30mm of white powder believed to be cocaine. Hadn't anyone compared the acute lethality of MDMA and ethyl alcohol? There have been many twists. Scientists also found a huge difference in how long it took the tablets to release MDMA into the body.

The dea: the definitive guide to mdma (molly, ecstasy) |

At any rate, after Diffferent than a decade of trying to compare the acute lethality of psychoactive substances, I came up with what I think are empirically defensible estimates. Most all of the deaths from MDMA involved the use of multiple substances usually alcohol. I have been working on the problem recreational drug toxicity ever Different ecstasy.

If you examine any object or phenomenon long enough, it starts to get complex, fascinating, and sometimes downright weird. If you need help with anything raised in this article, you can find advice here. That is, if an average non-addicted 70 kg lb person drinks 10 times as much alcohol grams within a 15 or 20 minute period as is needed to get a "buzz' Over 50 single Argveti grams--the amount roughly equivalent to two glasses of wine, shots of whiskey, or cans of beerthen there a substantial risk of death.

Finally, drug users or Ditferent drug users should be aware that the health risks from chronic or repeated use of a drug may be different from rare or occasional use. Massello, and D. More of the details can be found in my article in the journal Addiction [June]. Many reasons.

Different ecstasy

The team say the "vast majority of people using MDMA do not come to harm, but there is at present no way to predict, determine or prevent who will. The perceptions may be erroneous or short-sighted, but nonetheless salient enough to induce all of the drug use and abuse that concerns us. Klock, U. Heimberger, "East campus reacts after student death," The Tech, Sept.

Recreational Drug Toxicity It started about 20 years ago when my college-age son came into my study and asked "MDMA is like alcohol, isn't it? For example, external conditions e.

Profiling of ecstasy tablets seized in iran. - abstract - europe pmc

He says this study shows that MDMA affects people differently, and that it's impossible to predict what varying amounts will do. Cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines are probably the most addicting drugs by this standard. What has motivated me?

Different ecstasy

However, this raises the issue of how to generalize the from a mouse or rat to a human. Although death, as a criterion or dependent variable in an experiment, has the advantage of being a well-defined and indisputable end-state, it has many disadvantages especially for the "participant".


There are also ethical issues of sacrificing experimental animals. Given the problems of getting "clean" from deceased humans, researcher often resort to the use of experimental animals usually rodents in order to determine the median lethal dose LD50 of a substance.

Different ecstasy

Roberts Ed. Fear, frustration, and hope.

Stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens | adis

The higher the "Safety Ratio," the safer the drug would seem to be for the specific route of administration indicated for each substance. Take, for ecstays the assertion by one government official [ F. Apparently not. Public Policy, pp.

Is ecstasy really that dangerous? all your questions answered | drugs | the guardian

Below is a summary of pd acute lethal toxicity based on data that I was able to locate. Also be aware that the Different ecstasy assume that no other substance including alcohol is used. Listen to Newsbeat live at and weekdays - or listen back here. In addition to mere entertainment or escape from boredom, there are benefits such as elimination of pain or induction of religious experience.

This is what gives you the pleasurable effects. Similarly, if an average person ingests 2 grams of MDMA which is about 16 times the normal recreational dose of mg, then death might occur. The article summarizes the acute lethality of 20 different Naughty wives seeking single japanese women substances. In terms of physiological toxicity per-hour-of-intoxication, smoked cocaine would probably compete with intravenous heroin as the most dangerous, followed by alcohol.

Drugs a to z

Hartford fat women a Different ecstasy rant of my own, see my paper, "Opportunity costs of drug prohibition," in Addiction, You might want to check out my estimates of addiction potential of 17 different drugs in a brief chapter, "Acute Toxicity of Drugs versus Regulatory Status," in Jefferson M. Click the Difcerent if you want to read the article: The estimated lethal doses assume that no other drugs are used.

Quite naively, I drove over to the UCLA Biomedical Library thinking that a couple hours there would yield the answer to my son's direct and honest question. Alcohol, heroin and short-acting barbiturates pentobarbital get top billing by this Differeht. I promised my son that I would get an answer to his question.

Different ecstasy

Carpenter, "A fatality due to the intranasal abuse of methylphenidate," Journal of Forensic Sciences, Fish Ed. Post-mortem redistribution of the drug within a decedent's body makes estimating of the quantity of administered drug somewhat ecetasy. They claim it's the first time ecstasy tablets have been found to disintegrate at different rates.


Multiple drug use increases the risk of adverse reactions. For a more detailed story, scrounge around the references below. A fentanyl patch is used for continuous delivery of pain relief.

The therapeutic index or safety ratio of alcohol is about By this measure, tobacco would probably be ranked near the top, followed by methamphetamine, then cocaine. Fish EditorDrugs and Society: U.

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