Gucci Mane, American rap star/rapper, has the real name Gucci is Radric Devonte Davis. According to states, the net worth of Gucci Mane is 15 million US dollar. He was born in Bessemer, Alabama, the United States on February 12, 1980; he is now 36 years old. In 2005, he had jail due in charge of the murder but he was released.  He released his first album named ‘Trap house’ and he released his next two albums in 2006 named: Hard to Kill and Trap-A-Thon.

He released his fourth album in 2007 named: Back to the Trap House. He released his current album in 2013 name: The Caged Bird Sings. When legends work together, they produce an amazing thing. Gucci Mane, Boyfriend of Ariana Grande Mac Miller and Juicy J produced a well-known song “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. If you see him, closely, you find a tattoo on Mane’s face.

Not only this ice cream tattoo, He earns golden teeth for some days. 😛 After few days, He able to remove these fake teeth.

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Net worth Table

YearStates in USD

Family Relations

His parents get divorced and did not live together, so he moved with his mother to Atlanta. Since childhood, he had an interest in the writing poetry. In 2001, he had started his rapping career at the age of 14 and released the few albums by 2005 onward, which contain some beautiful songs. He was a talented and hardworking boy since childhood. As a fruit of the hard work, he is now known and admired in the world.

Barriers in the Life

Gucci mane is famous as well as a notorious person due to his bad criminal records. The criminal record started from the party in 2005 when a group attacked to his friends. When they were protecting themselves from the group a person was killed from the Gucci. According to the report and the statement was given to the police he stated that he was protecting himself from the gang, there was no intention of him to kill that guy. They have made shooting to save their lives. This case was at the end with favoring the Gucci, because of the lack of the evidence from the police.

In the same year, the Gucci was arrested by the police in order to make the physical attack to the manager of the nightclub for six months. He had faced the jail many times due to his bad habits. He always violates the rule, drives roughly, made damage to the public properties, obstruction etc. making the story short he had a very bad criminal record. He worked with Chris, Usher who is Grace Miguel’s boyfriend and They produced a beautiful song which is Spotlight Feet.

Earning / Salary / Net Worth

Gucci Mane net worth according to the statistic is $ 15 million US dollar. He had earned through the song and making the hit rapping albums for the audience. Jeffrey Atkins has less income than Gucci. The bad criminal record does not affect the career of the rapping boy. He still got the peak of success in his life.

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Gucci is Radric Devonte Davis
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