Caitlyn Jenner who is the famous reality star recently turned 66 years old. The well-known transwomen on earth is following normal life after her transition. There is no doubt that her fan and media has taken her life as a legacy that she is former Olympic gold medalist and also LGBT spokesmodel and the Her former name is Bruce Jenner. The 2017 year proves to be perfect for Jenner because she won Arthur Ashe Courage Award after the launch of reality TV show ESPYS. Yes, indeed the life of Jenner turned out to be amazing as she celebrated her first birthday as a woman. So, get to know that how the Caitlyn Jenner net worth is affected as she transitioned as Bruce Jenner.

Bruce Jenner

Life of Bruce Jenner

Jenner is an Olympic Gold medal winner who was identified as male. His identity was announced publicly as a transwoman which changed his name to Caitlyn. He was on the cover issue of Vanity Fair in July 2015.

Jenner is born in Mount Kisco New York on 28th October 1949. He owns a great interest in sports and also won a scholarship in football in Iowa but the area of focus ended after a knee injury which led to the decathlon.

hot Bruce jenner

Recent activities

Jenner was married to Kris and separated in October 2013. An Olympian confirmed that Jenner was identified as a female and his new appearance was revealed in July 2015 which was issued in Vanity Fair and his first name was Caitlyn.

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Currently, according to Forbes, Caitlyn is able to earn through her public appearances as $100,000 and become the strength and support of the transgender community. She also has a filmed documentary with the title of “I am Cait”. There were almost 2.5 million viewers on the premiere.

Bruce journey as Caitlynn

Caitlyn was known among her fans as Bruce until she mentioned herself as a trans woman during the interview. She told her fans that it was hard for her to deal with gender dysphoria when she was young which shows that for all purposes and all intents she is a woman.

Jenner as caithylynn

She had gone through cosmetic surgery and later revealed new memoir that she also had a gender reassignment surgery lately in 2017 January. The Vanity Fair issue had a tagline along with her image and new name “Call me Caitlyn.”

Bruce Jenner’s net worth

Right after the Olympic Gold medal, Jenner gained popularity and earned the status of a public figure. He took part in many endorsements and get engaged in many speaking events. He made his appearance on Wheaties Cereal box and appeared in films from the 1970s to 2000s. He was a well-known personality, especially for teenagers. Bruce was a part of an E! reality show KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS in 2007. Despite public appearances, sports accolades, and television appearance, Bruce Jenner net worth is a healthy amount of $100 million.

It is true that the Olympic Gold medal paved way for many endorsement deals including IBM, Wheaties, and Coca-Cola. However, her annual earning turned out to be $9000 before the gold medal.

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